100% leather and hand embroidered

12 years ago while I was reading the newspaper, I found by chance an article about an italian missioner who had been living there for many years with many friends who followed him.
He had made of Chacas (Conchucos, Ancash) a place where food, medical attention and education was given to most humble people in the area. I felt the need to know him so I decided to travel there. Since then, Fran and me travel every year because we found good people who wanted to make a change in this world and had decided to devote his life to helping the needy.
When Philomena was born, we decided to work with artisans of communities like Chacas because they are valuable people, honest, who need the job and for us is important to feel that somehow our contribution serves to give a deeper meaning of what we do.
We always can buy a embroiderer machine and save all the effort that implies travel by bus every month to there, but Philomena’s philosophy is value what makes us human and that connects us as one.

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