Philomena Perú

We are more than a clothing line, we are a movement.
A project that rescues and showcases ancestral weaving techniques and manual labor, and that merges our age-old inheritance with modern and current tendencies.

Visita nuestro Showroom

Estamos atendiendo en nuestro lindo espacio en Miraflores donde encontrarás todos nuestros productos y marcas amigas con un propósito detrás. Visítanos!

Horario de 11 am a 7 pm en Calle Piura 740 Int. F, Miraflores


Who made your clothes

We travel across Peru to work with artisan communities; our woven pieces are 100% hand made.

About the fibers

We use alpaca as our main material for the clothing we made. This is considered one of the most luxury fiber because of its natural origin.
We work with suppliers that respect animals in all the process, to know more click on the button.



"Sahumar aclara la mente, purifica el alma y renueva el ambiente" 🌿

Renueva tu energía con nuestros nuevos sahumerios de eucalipto, muña, romero, cedron, lima, hierba luisa y ciprés desde Marcará, Ancash.

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