Quispikhay Collection

Cómodas y ligeras. Conoce nuestra nueva colección, prendas de algodón y PET reciclado perfectas para este verano.

Handmade with love in Peru

We are more than just a clothing line. At Philomena we are a movement. A project that rescues and showcases weaving techniques and manual labor. We travel across Peru to work with artisans communities, we believe that descentralization will benefit them.


Perfect for any occasion

Cozy and warm

Ready for the day


Your new comfy pants

Let the adventure begin

All the complements you need


"Sahumar aclara la mente, purifica el alma y renueva el ambiente" 🌿

Renueva tu energía con nuestros nuevos sahumerios de eucalipto, muña, romero, cedron, lima, hierba luisa y ciprés desde Marcará, Ancash.


More of the styles you love. All our collections available for you.
With On demand production we contribute to offer the exact quantity it is required for our customers.
"The best things are worth waiting for"


Atención personalizada, visita nuestro showroom en Miraflores y siente la calidad de las prendas.

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Why Philomena?

Because we believe that descentralization of work will benefit different communities across our country



From the begining of our project, we are commited to be sustainable in all the chain. From fibers to packaging, we choose the best suppliers to be social and environmentally responsible.
We work with Incatops as suppliers, they are strongly working to research the best practices in the treatment of alpacas and shearers.

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