As Philomena, we are commited to be sustainable through all the chain, from materials to packaging. From the begining of the project we choose alpaca fiber as it is one of the most sustainable in the world and one of the finest. Our main supplier from then is Incatops, who has as principles Respect, Responsability and Integrity in their processes.
We Choose Incatops because we wanted to assure our social and enviromental response by working with the best supplier of alpaca wool. Incatops is part of The Inca Group, that has its own scientific research center dedicated to the genetic improvement of alpaca fiber, which is called Pacomarca. In this center the shearing is carried out, which is a mechanized shearing method with the aim of improving performance when making the annual cut of alpaca fiber and also to ensure the well-being of the alpaca and the shearer. This type of shearing has been officially adopted under the national technical standard for shearing (NTP 231.370-2014) by the goverment of Peru. For further information, you can visit their website where they explain all the process to obtain this amazing fiber:

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